2023 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

With a history that dates back to the tumultuous American Wild West, when it served as a cornerstone for the gold rush in the surrounding Rocky Mountains, today Aurora, just outside the capital of Denver, Colorado, marries its reputation as a popular outdoor adventure spot with a booming food and music scene, and is also home to the core industries of healthcare and financial services.

We invite you to join us in Aurora, April 16-18, 2023, to travel back in time to the frontier days of American history, while also looking ahead as we celebrate and explore the latest research and achievements in analytics at the 2023 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.

GAMS will also attend. Visit us at our booth at the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference!

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We will have a GAMS Tutorial, held by Adam Christensen on Tuesday April 18, 1:50-2:40pm

Model deployment and data wrangling with GAMS Engine and GAMS Transfer

The right tools help you deploy your GAMS model and maximize the impact of your decision support application.

GAMS Engine is a powerful tool for solving GAMS models, either on-prem or in the cloud. Engine acts as a broker between applications or users with GAMS models to solve and the computational resources used for this task. Central to Engine is a modern REST API that provides an interface to a scalable, containerized system of services, providing API, database, queue, and a configurable number of GAMS workers. GAMS Engine is available as a standalone application, or as a Software-As-A-Service solution running on AWS.

GAMS Transfer is an API (available in Python, Matlab, and soon R) that makes moving data between GAMS and your computational environment fast and easy. By leveraging open source data science tools such as Pandas/Numpy, GAMS Transfer is able to take advantage of a suite of useful (and platform independent) I/O tools to deposit data into GDX or withdraw GDX results to a number of data endpoints (i.e., visualizations, databases, etc.).

In this session we will go through the necessary steps to get started with GAMS Engine and GAMS Transfer.

16 Apr - 18 Apr, 2023
Aurora, CO (USA)
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