16th Ruhr Graduate Summer School

Economic impact assessment of Energy and climate policies Using GAMS and MPSGE

The workshop teaches step by step the key elements of CGE analysis ranging from the fundamental logic of structural economic equilibrium conditions via the parameterization with empirical data to the application of larger-scale models. The course will build on publications in peer-reviewed international journals to cover important contemporary energy and climate policy issues including

  • support policies such as feed-in tariffs or green quotas (portfolio standards) to electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-E),
  • phase-out policies for coal and nuclear power plants,
  • hybrid emission regulation in different sectors of the economy such as carbon pricing with rebating schemes and efficiency standards, or
  • the incidence of emissions pricing and revenue rebating across households in the context of green tax reforms.


Christoph Böhringer

University of Oldenburg, Germany

Volker Clausen

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

The registration deadline is August 26, 2022.

More information and registration

26. Sep - 30. Sep, 2022
Essen (Germany)