CAPD Annual Review Meeting (Carnegie Mellon)

Posted on: 14 Mar, 2019 News Conference Report

As usual, CAPD was a well-organized 2-day conference. It is small enough that there are no parallel sessions. So the group was together from breakfast through dinner, which allows for and fosters lots of interaction on professional and social levels. The venue - CMU’s campus and the conference dinner at Monterey Bay - was very pleasant and conducive to good discussion. We enjoyed the opportunity to connect with some GAMS users from industry there to hear about their projects and to answer some of their questions along the way.

There were a variety of talks from professors, students as well as industry representatives including some very interesting presentations from the field of system process engineering and artificial intelligence. Our own talk was near the end of the conference, and everybody is usually rushing to the airport when the last session ends. But in spite of being at the end of a fully-packed schedule, Freddy managed to capture the audience’s attention and we could connect our Jupyter stuff and MIRO with some interest in better deployment tools already expressed during the conference.

The slides from our talk are online, in case you would like to learn more. You can find the presentation to the talk below.

Steven Dirkse and Frederik Proske

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