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The General Algebraic Modeling Language

GAMS 46.5.0 (08 May 2024)
Release Notes

Express your optimization problem in our easy to learn, efficient modeling language. Find optimal solutions using world class mathematical solvers.

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Graphical User Interfaces for GAMS Models

GAMS MIRO 2.9.2 (18 Apr 2024)
Release Notes

Develop interactive user interfaces for your GAMS models and deploy them locally or in the cloud. Powerful visualization and analysis features included.

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GAMSPy Python Integration

GAMSPy 0.12.4 (13 May 2024)
Release Notes

Leverage the power of GAMS' high performance execution system with the flexible Python language to create complex mathematical models effortlessly directly in Python.

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Solve your models, either on-premises or in the cloud with our Engine SaaS. A highly scalable and reliable option for when things just have to work.

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More than just software

Workshops and Training

Learn from our experts about modeling best practices, data exchange techniques, performance tuning of your models and much more.

Model Development & Improvement

Short on modeling experience? We work with your experts to develop tailor-made decision support solutions. If you already have a working model, often we can help improve performance significantly.

Model Deployment

You have a model and need to roll it out? We can help with deployment and UI development, from 100% local to 100% cloud.

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Case Studies

Cloud-based optimization of Energy Supply-Demand Networks and Investment Decisions

The EIP Energy Investment Planner©️ optimizes energy supply and demand networks and helps in evaluating investment decisions with an interactive web-based user interface.

Optimal Efficient Price Discovery in Dairy Trading Events

Charles River Associates operate their Trading System for Efficient Markets (TSEM™) based on a series of GAMS models and determine reference prices for the global dairy trade.

Allocating Out-of-Home Advertising Campaigns

VIOOH enables media owners to efficiently manage their large panel inventory to satisfy the business requirements of their clients.

Modeling Transportation Carbon Intensity Targets for the EU with GAMS

The ICCT asked GAMS to develop, test, and run a partial equilibrium model of the transportation sector in the EU.

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Why Your Business Needs Optimization

This blog post discusses the necessity of business optimization through the Binary Paintshop Problem, illustrating how businesses can minimize resource usage and improve efficiency by adopting optimization strategies. Using a simple example, the post showcases effective methods to tackle operational challenges, encouraging businesses to enhance processes for better productivity and cost management.

GAMS at the 2024 INFORMS Analytics in Orlando

This April, the 2024 INFORMS Analytics Conference brought together over 700 analytics professionals in the sunny, palm-lined streets of Orlando, Florida. At GAMS, we were thrilled to connect with colleagues, discuss new mathematical solutions to business problems, and share our latest advancements in the integration of GAMS with Python.

The McCarl GAMS User Guide: History and Legacy

Introduction In early 2024, the last steps in the integration of the McCarl GAMS User Guide with the GAMS documentation will be completed. The McCarl Guide will no longer be pointed to or available from the GAMS docs, although it is available on Bruce McCarl’s web site or the GAMSWORLD forum (see links below).

Using Single-Sign-On with GAMS Engine

If you use multiple web services, you probably know how difficult it can be to manage multiple accounts and passwords, especially in corporate environments. GAMS Engine allows you to use LDAP or OAuth2 for single sign on and make user management for organizations much easier.

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