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Modeling Transportation Carbon Intensity Targets for the EU with GAMS

The ICCT asked GAMS to develop, test, and run a partial equilibrium model of the transportation sector in the EU.

Transitioning a Large Electricity Model to the Cloud

Stadtwerke M√ľnchen have recently transitioned their large GAMS based energy market model to the Amazon cloud.

Retail Stock Redistribution at Premium Shoe Manufacturer Goertz

Goertz uses GAMS to implement a store-to-store stock redistribution scheme, saving them time and money.

Scheduling at Westpoint US Military Academy

The U.S. Military Academy uses a GAMS based solution to schedule classes, rooms, and term-end exams.

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GTAP Database in GDX format

The database provided by the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) is now also available in GDX format.

Statement regarding Log4j security alert

The recent Log4j security vulnerability ‘Log4Shell’ does not affect any of our products or services.

MIRO Server Deserves a REST

The new MIRO 2.2.0 comes with a number of features and improvements that allow users to take even more advantage of cloud-based applications.

The 2021 GAMS Software Christmas Celebration

GAMS had an early christmas celebration in November. The whole team was happy to attend in person and it was even possible to have Steve from the US at our party in Braunschweig.

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