OR2021 Virtual Conference Recap

Posted on: 06 Sep, 2021

The joint annual conference of the Operations Research Societies of Switzerland (SVOR), Germany (GOR e.V.), and Austria (Ă–GOR) was held online from August 31 to September 3 this year.

The organizers have done a fantastic job of creating a conference format that was interesting and engaging. Apart from the scientific program there was also a virtual sightseeing tour of Bern.

The parallel sessions were held in virtual rooms , named after peaks of the Bernese mountains. Extra points for those who managed to find the correct room just by looking at the pictures!

GAMS took part in the conference with the following presentations:

GAMS Engine - A New System To Solve Models On Centralized Compute Resources

presented by Stefan Mann, Frederik Proske, and Hamdi Burak Usul

Youtube video 9d_SZfu70MM
(The video will open on youtube.com)

Model deployment in GAMS

presented by Frederik Proske, and Robin Schuchmann

Youtube video 490KfWJBpl4
(The video will open on youtube.com)