GAMS at the 2024 INFORMS Analytics in Orlando

Posted on: 22 Apr, 2024 News Conference Report

Sun, Fun, and Data: GAMS Takes Orlando by Storm!

This April, the 2024 INFORMS Analytics Conference brought together over 700 analytics professionals in the sunny, palm-lined streets of Orlando, Florida. At GAMS, we were thrilled to connect with colleagues, discuss new mathematical solutions to business problems, and share our latest advancements in the integration of GAMS with Python.

Our participation in the conference was marked by two major events: the Exhibitor Workshop and the Technology Showcase. These sessions provided us with an excellent platform to demonstrate our innovative tools and discuss the practical applications of GAMS in the real world.

Our GAMS Exhibitor Workshop: GAMS for Python Users

Hosted by Atharv Bhosekar and Adam Christensen, our workshop showcased the robustness of GAMS Python APIs. We explored real-world use cases where GAMS optimizes decision support systems alongside Python’s data-handling capabilities. Our new offering, GAMSPy, was highlighted as a groundbreaking tool that merges the high-performance GAMS execution system with the flexibility of Python, all within a single environment.

Our GAMS Technology Showcase: Introducing GAMSPy

Our showcase, also led by Atharv and Adam, centered on GAMSPy. This new tool is designed to simplify mathematical optimization by acting as a bridge between Python and GAMS, allowing for the effortless creation of complex mathematical models. Attendees got an in-depth look at GAMSPy’s unique features and benefits, enhancing their optimization solutions.

The conference was not only about presentations and technical discussions. It was an opportunity to enjoy Orlando’s vibrant atmosphere and engage in meaningful networking that helps advance careers and recognizes outstanding contributions to the field.

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Our Abstracts

Our Technical Workshop

GAMS for Python users

By Atharv Bhosekar and Adam Christensen

Optimization applications (decision support systems) combine technology and expertise from many different disciplines, including numerical modeling and data science. Python is ubiquitous in data pipelines that instantiate optimization models. GAMS offers several different Python APIs that enable the efficient integration of GAMS and Python – merging the power of a specialized algebraic modeling language with a general programming language. These tools enable application builders to leverage the GAMS language where needed while being flexible enough to bend to many different data pipeline architectures.

This session will highlight the entire stack of GAMS/Python APIs and tools with two primary use-cases in mind:

  1. where GAMS is deployed for optimization alongside Python for data-handling and
  2. where a single environment is advantageous, such that the algebraic model is developed and solved within a Python environment. Through several real-world examples, we will explore the benefits of GAMS Transfer Python (a data API to exchange data between GAMS and Python) and our new offering GAMSPy. GAMSPy lets you leverage the high performance GAMS execution system all from a single Python environment.

Our Technology Showcase

GAMSPy: Algebraic modeling in Python

By Atharv Bhosekar and Adam Christensen

GAMSPy simplifies mathematical optimization by combining the high-performance GAMS execution system with the flexible Python language. Acting as a bridge between Python and GAMS, GAMSPy enables effortless creation of complex mathematical models. This showcase presents the unique features and benefits of GAMSPy, offering enhanced optimization solutions.

Check our presentation slides for more information:

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