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  • GAMS MIRO 1.0 - Deploy your GAMS models in minutes!

    Roadmap Features

    We are proud to announce the release candidate for GAMS MIRO 1.0.

  • Free: Time-limited licenses for students or academic staff during the current Covid-19 crisis


    With schools and universities shutting down globally due to the ongoing pandemic, some university students using GAMS in their projects have been locked out of computer labs.

  • UNSEEN - The successor of BEAM-ME


    Energy system optimization modeling has become a key ingredient in transitioning to decarbonized energy supply systems based mostly on renewables. Yet, these systems reveal a growing complexity, e.g., due to the decentralization of infrastructures or an increasing variety of potential technologies capable of balancing energy demand and supply. This renders a reliable application of traditional optimization modeling techniques impossible.

  • GAMS COVID19 update


    GAMS staff is working from home. We continue serving our customers.

  • Announcing MIRO 1.0rc

    Roadmap Features

    We are proud to announce the release candidate for GAMS MIRO 1.0.

  • Grid Optimization Competition Challenge I winners announced: congratulations!

    Modeling News

    Given the crucial role power distribution plays for the economy, and the challenges posed by renewable energy and increasing demand for electricity, ARPA-E is running the Grid Optimization Competition, which challenges participating teams to develop and test power system optimization and control algorithms on a range of different synthetic and real network models.

  • Good news: relaxed demo limits, and a new community license scheme

    General GAMS Update News Sales

    Some of you might have noticed that coincident with releasing GAMS 30.1, we have introduced some changes to our licensing model . Below we summarize what has changed. Demo We have changed the way we allow users to test GAMS (“demo mode”). We now require registration on our website and generating a demo license before using the software.

  • Phasing out of 32-bit support with GAMS 30

    GAMS Update Modeling News

    22 years ago, in 1998, we released the first native 32 bit windows version of GAMS. This allowed modelers to implement much bigger models than possible before. A year later, we introduced our 32-bit IDE (for those of you young enough to remember, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98 were state of the art back then).

  • The 2019 GAMS Software Christmas feast


    GAMS offices are geographically distributed between different cities in the US (GAMS Development Corp.) and Germany (GAMS Software GmbH). The teams try to meet regularly - this time we enjoyed our Christmas party at Henk Mulder’s cooking school, where we could try our hands at preparing our own Christmas dinner. Not everyone was there, but fortunately it still worked a treat - have a look at the pictures.

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle

    News Conference Report

    This year, Lleny, Franz, Lutz, Michael, and Steve traveled to Seattle for the INFORMS Annual Meeting 2019. Lutz and Steve held a Pre-Conference Workshop on Saturday, talking about GAMS and our interactive web application framework GAMS MIRO, which was well received. On Tuesday, Michael gave a Conference Talk about Solving Energy System Models with GAMS on HPC platforms.