Modeling and Optimization with GAMS

GAMS Anytime Courses & Workshops with Josef Kallrath (Scientific Consultant, Weisenheim am Berg, Germany & University of Florida, Gainesville, FL)

With this new concept we allow you to freely select content, duration & time, location, mode, and type:


You can specify blocks of content from the standard physical courses (find Examples on the Registrationform), but you can express wishes for extra blocks and topics, among them, for instance, modeling and optimization under uncertainty, modeling suppy network problems, optimization in metals, paper or process industry. Free content also allows you weighting the focus of GAMS language & system, modeling and optimization algorithms and solver. Within GAMS language & system, the focus could be on developing stable industrial applications, modularity within GAMS, GAMS Miro, or interfacing to other packages.

Duration and time:

Duration varies between 2 and 5 days. Time to be agreed on.


It can be

  • at your company or institutional location (you organize),
  • any reasonable meeting hotel (you organize), or
  • Hotel Speeter in Weisenheim am Berg, Germany, only one hour away from Frankfurt airport. ( ).


Physical events and hybrid (buy the event material and contract a specified number of (individual) online support hours. We do not offer full online courses.


Course, a workshop, or a mixture of both. Courses have a rather strict course structure (as my standard courses), while a workshop offers more flexibility for instance, to discuss and analyze your model or optimization problem at hand, to screen your model or to tune your model formulation to show better performance.

For details (duration & time) and initializing an event contact me via

More information and registration

On demand
Location is flexible