Energy planning 1: Optimize energy supply and demand networks and evaluate investment decisions with the EIP Energy Investment Planner© and GAMS Engine SaaS


This workshop for energy suppliers and project planners is the first in our series of workshops on strategic and tactical planning in the energy industry. Via quantitative decision models, answer questions like

  • What are the expected optimal costs/revenues – broken down by procurement, production and consumption?
  • What is the annual amount of energy produced by each plant?
  • When exactly does a plant operate and what is the number of annual starts and operating hours?
  • What CO2 emissions are produced by the optimal solution?
  • Which capacity expansion has the greatest impact on the cost/revenue structure?
  • How high is the proportion of green energy?
  • What is the economically and technically optimal size of an energy storage system?
  • What are the accumulated values of investments at the end of the planning horizon?
  • How does the investment in renewable energy contribute to compliance with emissions targets and what impact does this have on the cost/revenue structure?
  • What is the impact of a plant failure? How does it affect overall supply?
  • How would unexpected price peaks in the coming year affect the supply situation and overall costs?
  • How can a minimum share of green energy of x % be ensured?

Please note: as of yet, the underlying software is available in German only. Hence, the workshop will be given in German. Please let us know whether you are interested in an English version here:

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