Rooted in a number of a proven design principles, The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is an evolved and matured system that gives you access to cutting-edge modeling, optimization technology, and world-class technical support handled by our Ph.D. level optimization and modeling experts.

GAMS is a robust, scalable state-of-the-art algebraic modeling technology to develop complex, large-scale optimization applications.

It is the technology of choice for domain experts to build and deliver solutions that leverage the power of mathematical optimization and modeling in a broad range of applications.

GAMS is an established tool for building robust and fail-safe systems that increase the productivity of the model developers and tremendously simplifies the development and maintenance of optimization applications. The development environment enables you to quickly build optimization models, while the deployment tool (MIRO) enables you to instantly provide solutions as web applications. MIRO is open source and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.


GAMS can be integrated into your businesses applications. We have APIs for Python, C++, .NET and more.

Integrated Solvers

GAMS offers a uniform interface to all major commercial and academic solvers (30+ integrated). It runs on all major platforms.


With MIRO, you can turn your existing GAMS models into interactive webapplications with zero programming.

GAMS is for you

Used in thousands of businesses, governments, and research institutions worldwide, GAMS helps making smarter and faster decisions.

Application areas


GAMS is the preferred choice of domain experts who like the powerful, but still simple modeling language, the uniform access to a wide range of solvers with a simple and uniform licensing, and ease of how GAMS applications can be connected to and embedded into other applications.

GAMS is also used in research and education at many universities worldwide. We closely collaborate with students, teachers, and researchers interested in mathematical modeling and optimization.

We focus on the modeler

GAMS allows efficient translation of mathematical models into code that closely resembles mathematical notation.

Take a look at this simple example that illustrates the basic structure and characteristics of a GAMS model and how it relates to the mathematical formulation.

The GAMS Tutorial explains the same model in a more extensive way, or take a look at this video on our YouTube channel .

The language allows you to focus on modeling and encourages good modeling habits by requiring concise and exact specification of entities and relationships. The model is formulated in a way that is similar to its mathematical description.

GAMS enables the domain experts to implement and solve models without help from IT. At the same time, the rich API enables IT professionals to embed GAMS into their business solution.

Our modern IDE keeps you productive

Studio Screenshot

With STUDIO , our new IDE, you have everything you need to develop and run GAMS models at your disposal.

A Beautiful UI

Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Convinced? Get your free demo license and give GAMS a try!