We develop rock solid, scalable solutions to help you solve difficult optimization problems.

Our products are successfully used in a wide range of businesses, covering areas such as Energy Production, Manufacturing, Logistics, Engineering, or Economics.

GAMS is also used in research and education at many universities worldwide. We closely collaborate with students, teachers, and researchers interested in mathematical modeling and optimization.

Our Products

For Model Development

Express your business optimization problems efficiently and solve them with best in class solvers.

For Model Deployment

Deploy optimization solutions for your end users as interactive web applications.

For Centralized Hosting

Host optimization solutions in your cloud of choice or on-premise.


Rooted in a number of a proven design principles, The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is an evolved and mature system that gives you access to cutting-edge modeling and optimization technology, and world-class technical support handled by our Ph.D. level optimization and modeling experts.

Modelling Language

GAMS is the ideal choice for domain experts who want a powerful, but still simple modeling language

Integrated Solvers

GAMS offers a uniform interface to all major commercial and academic solvers (30+ integrated).


GAMS applications can be connected to and embedded into other applications with our APIs for Python, C++, .NET and more.

Used in thousands of businesses, governments, and research institutions worldwide, GAMS helps making smarter and faster decisions. Available on all major platforms.

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We have lots of examples from many business areas in our model library. Here are some simple ones to give you a first idea. Real world models can be a lot more complex!

Transportation Planning

Find the optimal way to distribute goods between different sites

Route Planning

Find the shortest route through multiple cities

Production Planning

Decide how much to produce based on demand and prices for production and stocking


Minimize total processing time for sequential assembly steps


Calculate the optimal mixture of different ingredients to produce a product of desired quality

Cutting Stock

Minimise waste when cutting stock into smaller pieces


GAMS MIRO is a deployment environment which allows you to easily turn your GAMS models into fully interactive applications. MIRO is designed for people looking for an easy and automated way to make their GAMS models available to end users. Extensive visualization options support you to make decisions based on optimization.

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GAMS Engine is our new solution for running GAMS jobs in cloud environments. It provides a REST API that you can connect to either via GAMS MIRO Desktop, via the GAMS Engine UI, via GAMS Studio or via any of the clients supported by OpenAPI (Python, Java, Javascript, C++, ...).

GAMS Engine automatically schedules your jobs and assigns them to an available GAMS worker to solve it. It comes with a powerful user management system that allows you to restrict the activities of your users according to your organizational hierarchy.

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