GAMS Extended Support

GAMS offers every user with a GAMS license under maintenance excellent and responsive technical support from our skilled experts. However, the scope of this basic support does not always cover every request.

Where does basic support end, and where does extended support start?

It is not always easy to draw the line between basic and extended support. Some questions that are easy to answer if the underlying model is simple may be impossible to answer if the underlying model is complex. There may also be cases where basic support can identify issues of a model and provide some pointers to the user how the issues could be resolved. However, the actual resolution of the issue may require a deep understanding of the underlying model, such that an extended support contract would be required to handle it in depth by GAMS support. The following list of examples is by no means complete but illustrates different types of services covered by basic or extended support.

Basic GAMS support helps to overcome technical issues with GAMS. Requests covered by basic support include, for example:

  • Problems with the installation of GAMS
  • Problems with a GAMS license file
  • Problems with GAMS related tools
  • Unexpected behavior of GAMS or a solver (GAMS does not do what you think it should do)
  • Problems solving your model (feasibility or performance)
  • Simple modeling questions

Services covered by extended GAMS support can, for example, include:

  • Identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks for complex models (GAMS, solvers, data connectors)
  • In-depth analysis and resolution of numerical issues
  • Implementation of custom features (e.g. add new functionality to GAMS or related tools)
  • Deployment: Creating a web application from your model with GAMS MIRO
  • Application development



Hourly rates are charged per 15 minutes and paid upfront and provide the flexibility to use support hours when needed. Hourly support can be purchased in individually sized packages. Please contact to discuss options.


In some cases, charging by project makes much more sense than charging by the hour. If you have a well-defined task (e.g. development of an application with well-defined functionality and interfaces), setting up a project has the advantage of a clearly identified budget, and you know exactly what you are getting. Project rates are based on a daily fee and are negotiated on an individual basis. Please contact to discuss options.