GAMS for Academic Teachers and Students

Facilitating Mathematical Optimization for Students, Faculty, and Researchers with GAMS:
Whether applied in the classroom or harnessed for research, academic users can utilize GAMS at no cost and access all of GAMS's extensive features and powerful performance.

Community License

For students, academic and non-profit users

Community licenses are for non-commercial, non-production use, and are a popular option for students at degree granting institutions, or for non-profit organizations.

  • Generate and solve linear models (LP, MIP, and RMIP) that do not exceed 5000 variables and 5000 constraints
  • For all other model types the model cannot be larger than 2500 variables and 2500 constraints
  • Additional limits enforced by some solvers
  • Limited to 12 months
  • Cannot be combined with a professional license

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Course License

For teachers and course lecturer to share with your students

Academic Course licenses are designed for teachers, students and members at degree granting institutions. These licenses are for non-commercial, non-production use and only for academic and teaching purposes.

To obtain your free course license, please contact