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GAMS Engine is our new solution for running GAMS jobs in cloud environments. It provides a REST API that you can connect to either via the GAMS Engine UI, via GAMS MIRO Desktop, via GAMS Studio or via any of the clients supported by OpenAPI (Python, Java, Javascript, C++, ...).

GAMS Engine automatically schedules your jobs and assigns them to available GAMS workers to solve. It has a powerful user management system that lets you restrict your users' activities according to your organizational hierarchy.

System Overview

GAMS Engine is a highly distributed system to solve your GAMS models. The heart of this system is a REST API - also referred to as broker - where you can submit your GAMS jobs. The system will then queue your jobs and assign them to an available worker - a GAMS process that solves your model. In case all workers are busy solving other jobs, your job is pending in a queue until a free worker is available.

GAMS Engine components

Easy to Access

You can connect to Engine with various clients easily:

  • Engine UI: Get access to almost all Engine features through the dedicated user interface.
  • GAMS MIRO: Solve the model of your MIRO application in the cloud.
  • GAMS Studio: Submit jobs directly from within GAMS Studio.
  • Custom client: Connect your own optimization software with Engine via a RESTful API (OpenAPI).

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