: include precompiled extrinsic function libraries

File :  used by :  trilib01.gms [html]   trilib02.gms [html]   trilib03.gms [html]   trilib04.gms [html]

$setargs first
$if %system.buildcode% == AIX $funclibin myLib
$if %system.buildcode% == DEG $funclibin myLib %GAMS.workdir%lib%first%64.dylib
$if %system.buildcode% == LEG $funclibin myLib
$if %system.buildcode% == SOX $funclibin myLib
$if %system.buildcode% == VS8 $funclibin myLib %GAMS.workdir%%first%.dll
* This is reqired since the IDE (and so its testlib facility) is a 32bit component.
* Therefore it copies the wrong (32bit) library by default
$if %system.buildcode% == WEI
$if %gams.ide% == 1 $call cp %GAMS.sysdir%testlib_ml\%first%64.dll %GAMS.workdir%
$if %system.buildcode% == WEI $funclibin myLib %GAMS.workdir%%first%64.dll