Third-Party Codes

The following table lists third-party codes that are included in the GAMS distribution.

Software Version Description License
Addict 3.4 Spell Checker proprietary
ALPHAECP 2.11.01 Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
ANTIGONE 1.1 Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
BARON 24.05.08 Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
Boost 1.85 Portable C++ source libraries Boost 1.0
CBC 2.10.11 Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization Solver EPL 2.0
Cerberus 1.3.5 Data validation library ISC
certifi 2024.2.2 Mozilla's bundle of Certificate Authority certificates MPL 2.0
Cgl 0.60.8 Cut Generators for Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization EPL 2.0
cJSON 1.7.12 Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C MIT
Clp 1.17.9 Linear Optimization Solver EPL 2.0
CoinUtils 2.11.10 Classes and helper functions used by COIN-OR projects EPL 2.0
CONOPT 3 3.17Q Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
CONOPT 4 Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
COPT 7.1.3 Mixed-Integer Linear and Quadratic Programming Solver proprietary
CPLEX Mixed-Integer Linear and Quadratic Programming Solver proprietary
CppAD (in SCIP) 20180000.0 C++ Automatic Differentiation EPL 2.0
CppAD (in SHOT) 20210606 C++ Automatic Differentiation EPL 2.0
cpr 1.10.2 C++ Requests: Curl for People, a spiritual port of Python Requests MIT
cuPDLP-C 0.3.0 First-order LP solver MIT
Curl 8.8.0 transferring data with URLs curl
D6OnHelpFix Fixes OnHelp events in Delphi 6 and 7 proprietary
DataTables 1.13.4 Advanced Features for HTML Tables MIT
DECISC Solver for two-stage stochastic LPs with recourse proprietary
DECISM Solver for two-stage stochastic LPs with recourse proprietary
Delphi Borland Runtime Package Borland
DIERCKX/FITPACK Calculation of smoothing splines for various kinds of data and geometries, with automatic knot selection public domain
Doxygen Awesome 2.1.0 CSS theme for Doxygen HTML-documentation MIT
Doxygen Output 1.8.13 Doxygen HTML-documentation Style and JavaScript Files none
Dream Editor proprietary
dtoa Conversion between decimal and binary format of floating point numbers MIT-like
EC Software Help Suite Help Viewer proprietary
Eigen 3.3.90 C++ template library for linear algebra MPL 2.0
et-xmlfile 1.1.0 Creation of XML files MIT
f2clib Runtime library for programs converted with f2c unnamed
Fast Memory Manager 4.73 A fast replacement memory manager MPL 1.1
finlib Models from A. Consiglio, S.S. Nielsen and S.A. Zenios, Practical Financial Optimization: A library of GAMS models, John Wiley, UK, 2009 none
FMT 7.1.3 C++ string formatting library MIT
freetds 1.3.18 Implementation of Sybase's DB-, CT-, and ODBC libraries LGPL 2.0
GAMS-Kestrel Kestrel solver for remote solver execution MIT
GAMSCHK 1.3 A system for examining the structure and solution properties of GAMS model instances proprietary
GCC 13.2.0 C++ and Fortran compiler runtime libraries GPL 3.0 + exception
GKLib METIS-v5.1.1-DistDGL-0.5 Helper Routines and Frameworks used by METIS Apache 2.0
GNU Awk 3.1.0 Pattern Scanning and Processing Language GPL 2
GNU diffutils 2.7 Find Differences between Files GPL 2
GNU fileutils 3.16 File Management Utilities GPL 2
GNU grep 2.4 Search one or more input files for lines containing a match to a specified pattern GPL 2
GNU Gzip 1.2.4 Data Compression GPL 2
GNU Make 3.78.1 Control the generation of executables and other non-source files from source files GPL 2
GNU sed 3.02 Non-interactive Command-line Text Editor GPL 2
GNU shellutils 1.9.4 (1.13 for date) Shell-manipulation Utilities GPL 2
GNU Tar 1.12 Archiving Utility GPL 2
GNU textutils 2.0 (2.1 for md5sum) Shell Utilities for Text File Processing GPL 2
GNU xargs 4.1 Build and Execute Command Lines from Standard Input GPL 2
greenlet 3.0.3 Concurrent programming MIT
Gurobi 11.0.2 Mixed-Integer Linear and Quadratic Programming Solver proprietary
HiGHS 1.7.1 (43329e528) Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization Solver MIT
HSL MA27 2003-03-19 Sparse Linear Equations System Solver proprietary
HSL MA57 3.11.0 Sparse Linear Equations System Solver proprietary
HSL MA86 1.6.0 Sparse Linear Equations System Solver proprietary
HSL MA97 2.6.0 Sparse Linear Equations System Solver proprietary
HSL MC19 1989-03-09 Scaling Linear Equation Systems proprietary
HSL MC68 3.3.3 Elimination Ordering for Sparse Direct Solver proprietary
HTMLHelpViewer HTML Help Viewer proprietary
Icono 1.3.0 Icon Pack in CSS MIT
Intel Compiler 2021.2.0 C/C++ and Fortran compiler runtime libraries Intel EULA
Ipopt 3.14.14 Nonlinear Optimization Solver EPL 2.0
Jinja2 3.1.4 Templating engine BSD-3-Clause
JQuery 3.5.1 JavaScript Utilities Library MIT
Json.NET 13.0.2 High-performance JSON framework for .NET MIT
JSON.simple 1.1.1 A simple Java library for JSON process, read and write JSON data Apache 2.0
JWT-CPP v0.7.0 A header only library for creating and validating JSON web tokens in C++ MIT License
Knitro 14.0.0 Mixed-Integer and Continuous Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
krb5 1.20.1 Network authentication MIT
libiconv 1.16 Conversion of character encodings LGPL 2.1
LibYAML 0.2.2 A C library for parsing and emitting YAML MIT
LINDO API 15.0 Stochastic and global MINLP solver proprietary
Lunr 2.3.6 Search Engine in JavaScript MIT
madCollection 1.6f Collection of Delphi utility functions proprietary
MarkupSafe 2.1.5 Escapes characters for safe use in HTML and XML BSD-3-Clause
MathJax 3.2.2 JavaScript Display Engine for Mathematics Apache 2.0
MC++ 2.0.1 Toolkit for Bounding Factorable Functions EPL 1.0
METIS 5.2.1 Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering Apache 2.0
MILES MCP solver proprietary
MINOS 5.6 Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
MKL 2023.1 (2021.2 on Windows) Math Functions optimized for Intel CPUs and GPUs ISSL
MOSEK 10.2.0 Mixed-Integer Conic Programming Solver proprietary
MPSGE Mathematical Programming System for General Equilibrium proprietary
MSVC 2019 14.29.30133 Visual C/C++ compiler runtime libraries MS EULA
MUMPS 5.7.1 Multifrontal massively parallel sparse direct solver CeCILL-C 1.0
nauty 2.8.8 Graph canonical labeling and automorphism group computation Apache 2.0
nlohmann::json v3.11.2 JSON for Modern C++ MIT
noalib Models from Neculai Andrei, Nonlinear Optimization Applications Using the GAMS Technology, Springer Optimization and Its Applications, Springer, edition 127, 2013 none
numpy 1.26.4 Scientific computing in Python BSD-3-Clause
ODHeuristics 7.0.7 Primal Heuristics for Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization proprietary
oneTBB 2021.12.0 Multithreading Library Apache 2.0
oneTBB (Windows) 2021.2.0 Multithreading library ISSL
OpenMP (Intel) Library for high-level parallelism in Fortran and C/C++ BSD-3-Clause
OpenMP (LLVM) 16.0.5 Library for high-level parallelism in Fortran and C/C++ MIT
openpyxl 3.1.2 Read and write Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm files MIT
OpenSSL 3.0.14 Toolkit for General-Purpose Cryptography and Secure Communication Apache 2.0
Osi 0.108.10 Abstract base class to a generic linear programming (LP) solver EPL 2.0
pandas 2.2.2 Data analysis and manipulation in Python BSD-3-Clause
PaPILO (3f1f0d53) Parallel Presolve for Integer and Linear Optimization LGPL 3.0
PATH 5.1.01 MCP solver proprietary
PDQSort Pattern-defeating quicksort zlib
ply 3.11 lex and yacc implementation in Python BSD-3-Clause
Prism 1.29.0 JavaScript Syntax Highlighter MIT
psoptlib Models from Alireza Soroudi, Power system optimization modeling in GAMS, Springer, 2017 none
psycopg2-binary 2.9.9 PostgreSQL adapter LGPL 3.0
pthreads-win32 2.9.1 POSIX threads library for Microsoft Windows LGPL 2.1
PyExcelerate 0.10.0 Excel XLSX writing BSD-2-Clause
pymssql 2.2.10 (2.2.8 on macOS on ARM64) DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server LGPL 2.1
PyMySQL 1.1.1 MySQL Driver MIT
pyodbc 5.1.0 Access to ODBC databases MIT
Python 3.12.3 Scripting language PSF
python-dateutil 2.9.0 Extensions to the standard Python datetime module Apache 2.0
pytz 2024.1 World timezone definitions MIT
pywin32 306 Python for Window Extensions BSD-3-Clause
PyYAML 6.0.1 YAML parser and emitter MIT
Qt 6.7.1 Toolkit for creating cross-platform graphical user interfaces and applications LGPL 3.0
quadMINOS 5.6 Quad-Precision Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
Rave Reports 5.1.4 Components for database reporting proprietary
ReSHOP 0.2.0 Reformulation Solver for Hierarchical Optimization Problems MIT
sassy 1.1 Preprocessor for symmetry detection MIT
SBB Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
SCENRED 2 12/12/2008 Scenario tree construction and reduction tool for Stochastic Programming proprietary
SCIP 0.0.0 (bebb64304e) Constraint Integer Programming Framework Apache 2.0
scipy 1.13.0 (1.11.4 on macOS on ARM64) Fundamental algorithms for scientific computing BSD-3-Clause
SendMail Send e-mails proprietary
SHOT 1.1.0 (424b5e48) Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver EPL 2.0
six 1.16.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities MIT
SKA 2c46874 Hashtables Boost 1.0
SNOPT 7.7.7 Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
SNOPT (in ANTIGONE) 5.3-5 Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
SoPlex 7.0.1 (1cc71921) Linear Programming Solver Apache 2.0
SPDLog 1.8.2 C++ Logging Library MIT
SQLAlchemy 1.4.52 Database Abstraction Library MIT
sqlalchemy-access 1.1.4 MS Access for SQLAlchemy MIT
sqlite 3.8.5 SQL database engine public domain
TeeTree 2.0 Diagram and FlowChart Controls proprietary
TFileDrag Support dropping files from explorer onto a Delphi form proprietary
TFolderDialog Wrap Shell32 dialog 'Browse For Folder' into a Delphi component LGPL 2.0
TinyCThread 1.2 C11 Threads API implementation zlib
TinyExpr 4dfb202c Tiny recursive descent parser and evaluation engine zlib
TinyXML 2.6.2 XML parser zlib
TinyXML2 7.1.0 C++ XML parser zlib
TOneInstance 1.02 Prevent application to be started more than once freeware
TStringAlignGrid 2.0 Text alignment in Delphi forms freeware
TurboPower Orpheus 4.05 UI toolkit for Borland Delphi MPL 1.1
TurboPower ShellShock 1.02 Customize applications MPL 1.1
TurboPower SysTools 4.02 Library of utility routines & classes for Borland Delphi MPL 1.1
typing-extensions 4.12.0 Type hints for Python. PSF
tzdata 2024.1 Compiled IANA time zone database Apache 2.0
unixodbc 2.3.11 ODBC for Unix platforms LGPL 2.1
UnZip 6.0-28 (6.00 on Windows) Decompression tool Info-ZIP
urllib3 2.2.1 HTTP library MIT
Virtual Treeview 4.8.6 Treeview control MPL 1.1
XLSReadWriteII 5.20.30 Excel Reader and Writer proprietary
XlsxWriter 3.2.0 Creation of Excel XLSX files BSD-2-Clause
Xpress 43.01.01 Mixed-Integer Linear and Nonlinear Programming Solver proprietary
yaml-cpp 0.7.0 A YAML parser and emitter in C++ MIT
Zip 3.0-13 (3.1c02 BETA on Windows) Compression tool Info-ZIP
zlib 1.3.1 Compression Library zlib
zstr 1.0.5 C++ Zlib Wrapper MIT