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GAMS Transfer is a package to maintain GAMS data outside a GAMS script.

It allows the user to add GAMS symbols (Sets, Parameters, Variables and Equations), to manipulate GAMS symbols, read symbols from a GDX file or write them to one. While keeping those operations as simple as possible for the user, GAMS Transfer Matlab's main focus is the highly efficient transfer of data between GAMS and Matlab. In order to achieve this, symbol records (the actual and potentially large-scale data sets) are stored in native data structures of Matlab (tables, structs or (sparse) matrices). The benefits of this approach are threefold:

  • The user is usually very familiar with these data structures.
  • These data structures come with a large tool box for various data operations.
  • Optimized methods for reading from and writing to GDX can transfer the data as a bulk –- resulting in the high performance of this package.

If you are new to GAMS Transfer Matlab, have a look at Getting Started. It explains how to install GAMS Transfer Matlab and shows a first exmaple that covers the most important operations. It's a good starting point to discover GAMS Transfer Matlab. For more details, refer to the manual for: (1) Container, (2) Symbols and (3) Records. Good advice: Read the documentation in this order as it will guide you from more general topics like Container to more detailed topics like Records Format. Furthermore, it is also possible to get help from within Matlab:

help gams.transfer