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gams.control.execution.GamsModifier Class Reference

Instances of this class are input to GamsModelInstance.instantiate() More...

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, gams_symbol, update_action=None, data_symbol=None, update_type=SymbolUpdateType._Inherit)


property gams_symbol = property(get_gams_symbol)
 Symbol in the GAMS model to be modified.
property update_action = property(get_update_action)
 Type of modification.
property data_symbol = property(get_data_symbol)
 Symbol containing the data for the modification.
property update_type = property(get_update_type)
 Symbol Update Type.

Detailed Description

Instances of this class are input to GamsModelInstance.instantiate()

A GamsModifier consists either of a GamsParameter or a triple: A GamsVariable or GamsEquation to be modified, the modification action (e.g. . Upper, Lower or Fixed for updating bounds of a variable, or Primal/Dual for updating the level/marginal of a variable or equation mainly used for starting non-linear models from different starting points), and a GamsParameter that holds the data for modification. In addition the UpdateType can be defined (if ommitted the type defined in the Solve call is used).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def gams.control.execution.GamsModifier.__init__ (   self,
  update_action = None,
  data_symbol = None,
  update_type = SymbolUpdateType._Inherit 


gams_symbolSymbol in the GAMS model to be modified. This can be a GamsParameter, GamsVariable or GamsEquation. If a variable or an equation is specified a data_symbol and an update_action have to be specified as well.
update_actionModification action
data_symbolParameter containing the data for the modification
update_typeSymbol Update Type (default: Inherit from model instance)